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Results Don’t Come…

dont give up GMBC

Remember, my GMBC warriors…

RESULTS DON’T COME at the start with your gung-ho decision to “get in shape” for summer.

REAL CHANGE happens:

When you stick with it longer than you did last time
When you put in the work every day before sunrise…
When NO ONE is watching.


Be > Yesterday

Love Your Fitness Freak ‘O Nature,

Laura Miranda MSPT, CSCS
West Village, NYC



Cheat to Lose (weight)

SCHEDULE a CHEAT MEAL 1x/week. (Yep, eat ANYTHING you want but always mind portions.)

This strategy keeps you motivated to stick a clean eating plan, it CURBS CRAVINGS and is the best long term strategy for a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE rather than short term crash-diet DOOMED for failure.

Now go out there and rock this week! Think of me this weekend while enjoying your cheat meal!

Your FUN Fanatical Fitness Expert,
Laura Miranda MsPT, CSCS

Here’s why I did it (video)

These two young guys just finished their 1st session of Gay Boot Camp last week.
Hear what they had to say about the progam, including the harsh reality of the 5am wake up call: 


Is Fat Contagious?

Spoiler alert: the answer is Y-E-S

This time of year those resolutions start to creep in again because the temp has FINALLY broken the 60 degree mark. The summer looms as we all begin to kick it into high gear at the gym. Yet, if your progress is slower than a line of tourists trying to purchase a metrocard, then it might not shock you to hear that FAT is CONTAGIOUS.

Does your sphere of influence include friends who gripe about never being able to lose weight, lazy coworkers who indulge in take-out and Costco sized bags of  chips,  or partners or family members who only know how to bond over food and drink?

Wait a second, could your mom have been right after all? “Show me your friends and I will show you who you are. You are who you surround yourself with.”  Aggghhhhh. Fine, you were right! Happy now?!


A recent SCARY study at Harvard Medical School found –
Your risk of becoming obese increases by

  •  57% if you hang with a friends who are obese
  • 40% if your siblings are overweight
  • 37% if you are married to someone who is overweight

Now, I’m not saying axe all of the friends who would rather meet for all-you-can-eat brunch and bellinis than have a sweat-fest in spin class. But, in order to set yourself up for success you must create a healthy environment to do so. 

The moral of the story is that just as your social network can make you FAT and unhappy, it can also inspire and motivate you to be fit, thin and healthy too. Change your body by changing the people around you with these 3 steps:

1) Seek out friends who have alternative methods of FUN and socialization that goes beyond the usual drinking/eating. What about  rock climbing, skate boarding, belly dancing, or hiking! Limit  brunch, shopping and kvetching to 1 Sunday a month.
2) Join a local group of like-minded men. Find fellow fit-friends in local business networking groups, on  Meetup.com, in an all-gay fitness boot camp, or gay sports league. There are TONS of motivated people who are already changing their lives with a little help from their friends.
3) Take a good hard look at the men (and women) that are in your circle of influence right now.  If they don’t inspire you to be BETTER every day, dump em! Or, 1st try to invite them on your wellness journey. Read MSN’s article quoting me on How to Lose Weight With a Partner for some ideas. If after your suggestions they pull their “business as usual”, then you have my permission: de-friend from Facebook, erase their number, and ignore their texts. Life’s too short. Your body will thank me.

PS- Invite a friend to the next GAY MENS BOOT CAMP starting on soon in the West Village of NYC!  

Laura Miranda MsPT, CSCS
Miranda Fitness Concepts, INC

Top 5 Weight-Loss Foods (every hot guy MUST HAVE)

(Here’s my secret list of the TOP 5 FOODS every hot guy must have in his kitchen at all times:) text away!

Since this is the age of instant gratification, ie Twitter, Facebook, text message, BBMbush not paying attention (for a change) – who has time to figure out the BEST foods to eat to help you lose weight FAST?


Who has the time? I will tell you who… ME! Laura, The Body Transformation Expert (rather, YOUR body transformation expert.)

Without fail, at each and every  GAY Boot Camp/Nutrition Seminar/Grocery Shopping Tour/Dinner with friends/Meeting with my accountant – I get asked the same question: Just TELL me exactly what I should eat to lose weight. NO ONE, or very few people want to hear the philosophy behind it so that they can duplicate it when I am not around. “Just give me a list!” (I still tell them a little background anyway. I ‘m used to being tuned out at this point.)

So here ’s your darn list (and a little background) on the TOP 5 FOODS every hot guy (or “guy that’s trying to become HOT” ) must have in his kitchen at all times:


beans, beans, good for your heart...Forget the song you used to sing as a child “beans, beans, good for your heart…” What makes the bean a virtual super-food is that it’s high in fiber, it’s a complex carbohydrate, and it is loaded with protein. Having a high concentration of each of these in one beautiful morsel literally makes it one of the best choices when trying to eat to lose weight. Simply adding beans to an otherwise boring meal will keep you fuller longer (fiber), feed your muscles (protein), improve taste and promote healthy weight loss!

BUY IT LIKE THIS: Canned, be sure to get “no salt added.” Normal sodium content should be around 40mgs. Excellent types: Kidney, Garbanzo, Black, Soy, Pinto.
COOK IT LIKE THIS: There is little to no prep with canned beans. Straight out of the can and put right on top of food or simply warm them up for a few seconds and you are good to go.


barleyEach meal should contain 50% vegetables, 25% lean protein and 25% whole-grain carbohydrate. Barley is better choice than even brown rice or brown pasta because it contains a superior amount of fiber as compared to its counterparts. Fiber, quite simply helps metabolize fat (need I say more?) 
BUY IT LIKE THIS: Find it in the aisle next to pasta and rice. Appears like un-cooked rice.
COOK IT LIKE THIS: Prepare it just like rice – in water, boil until soft. Can also be used as breakfast in place of oatmeal, in stews, sprinkle on salads or as a substitute for any recipe that calls for rice.


The makeup of a healthy man’s diet should consist of 6-8 servings of vegetables per day. The darker the veggie, the good ole kalehigher the concentration of anti aging, anti-cancer, and anti-fat components it will contain. Kale is jam packed with calcium (who knew?) tons of other vitamins/minerals and FIBER. Hot guys eat tons of fiber! I cannot make this any clearer for you! Seek it out at every meal. The more foods you add to your diet that are high in fiber (veggies, whole grains, beans, legumes) the faster the other garbage you are eating will fall by the waist side (pun intended.)

BUY IT LIKE THIS: Found in the green leafy vegetable section. Looks like dark green lettuce.
COOK IT LIKE THIS: Use in place of lettuce anywhere – uncooked, in salads, sandwiches, or use in place of bread or wrap in your favorite lunchtime sandwich. Also, steam like spinach or sauté in light garlic and oil.


The BEST way to start your day (ie - eat this to lose weight) This little gem is a complex carbohydrate that is high in fiber. Because of its make-up you will stay fuller longer, and satiated. You’ll be awake and alert well into the morning after a bowl of this first thing. Be sure to pair it with a protein topping to maximize the benefits. Watch this video where I tell you why you HAVE TO combine protein and carbs in order eat to lose weight.

BUY IT LIKE THIS: In a canister in the cereal aisle, instant/quick oats are just as good as the regular. Avoid the fancy versions with added stuff (raisins, sugar, berries.) Just get “plain oat meal” add your own toppings and save TONS of calories/sugar/salt.
COOK IT LIKE THIS: SUPER EASY! Instant oats takes 1 minute in the microwave. Take a canister/bowl/spoon to work and eat it first thing or as a mid morning snack with fresh fruit or nuts on top.


"Waist" friendly, you can't make this stuff upProtein is muscle food!  They are packed with the good kind of fat which won’t clog your arteries, but will leave you satiated, improve your mood, and make you more alert. TONS of anti aging/anti cancer/anti heart disease/ant diabetic properties. Reach for nuts instead of simple starchy carbs as in crackers or pretzels and you will INSTANTLY feel a boost.

BUY IT LIKE THIS: If you can’t find a container of premixed unsalted nuts, make a mix yourself by buying a few small bags of pumpkin seeds, almonds , walnuts, flax seeds, cashews, dried cranberries, pecans, raisins, etc.
COOK IT LIKE THIS: Pre-separate into serving size baggies at the time you are creating your mix. This is an easy grab ‘n go snack AND helps you avoid eating 3-4 servings in one sitting. Keep them in your desk, in your pocket, in your cabinet at home.

To sum it up, most of you are not out there eating cheeseburgers and French fries every night. You are most likely a big step below that. I say “below” because each level down is a step cleaner on a scale of healthy eating. You should consistently arm your refrigerator with food that is the cleanest, most un-processed, as close-to-the-way-it-came-out-of-the ground or tree as possible. Beans, Barley, and Kale, Oatmeal and Mixed Nuts are 5 foods that are tops in their categories when it comes to eating for weight loss.


Laura Miranda MsPT, CSCS
Miranda Fitness Concepts INC

Magazine Editor finishes Gay Boot Camp

edge headerGay Boot Camp: The Final Push
by Steve Weinstein
EDGE Editor-In-Chief
Wednesday May 20, 2009

gay boot camp pullups

So, now it’s over. Last week was the final of the four weeks of the Gay Boot Camp Series.

Laura and Josh, the two trainers, were as friendly and un-drill instructor like as ever, but they did push us. Armed (footed) with the new pair of workout shoes that Laura promised me would enable me to run without injury, I managed to make most of the seemingly endless treks around the Greenwich Village pier.

In retrospect, what was the hardest single thing we did? That’s easy: Making myself a human wheelbarrow and moving across the lawn on my hands while a partner held my feet. Trust me, it’s even worse than it sounds. The military push-ups, where you lift a weight in each arm between push-up, is also pretty bad–even worse when you high-five a partner facing you… Read the rest of Steve Weinstein’s article here  

In case you missed his 1st week, or his 2nd