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Gay Boot Camp to RELAUNCH April 2013!

You’ve spent an ENTIRE winter INDOORS in the dark spin studios and crowded gym under florescent lights. #SPRINGtraining is here!

Come to the West Village for gay boot camp at “boy beach” starting 4/15/13  Torch about 800 calories with a bunch of sweaty guys on the Christopher Street Pier!

New York just got a little more fit- and a lot more fabulous! This workout craze has hit the city and this time its just for men – Gay men! Laura Miranda’s Gay Men’s Boot Camp is an outdoor HIIT program complete with a nutritional blueprint, total body fitness overhaul and mindset motivation lockdown.

Gay Men’s Boot Camp is ready to get you off…to the right start for this summer!!!  It’s a certified Homo Must!!!

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The GMBC Crew!


Something HOT – “The Showt”

We are recommending that you check out this new site just for the gaaays. And, it’s not just because they featured Gay Mens Boot Camp in their first ever newsletter (seriously, it’s not.) “The Showt” is  a brand new up-market alternative guide to your city for guys who are more than just metrosexual wannabes.

They graciously talk about Gay Mens Boot Camp as a hot new way to jump-start your new years resolutions. (see article below.)

What you’ll find in The Showt: The destinations you didn’t even know you wanted to visit? We’re there. The up-and-coming menswear designer who’s about to change the way you dress? We’ll introduce you. The hottest nightspots and newest parties? We’ll dish about opening night, and you don’t even have to buy us brunch the next day!


Gay City News Reporter Survives Boot Camp

Recently a talented writer from the Gay City News, Dean Wrzeszcz, reluctantly made it through one of the 1st sessions of Gay Men’s Boot Camp.  ” Boot Licked” is the name of the article and in it you will find an honest, humorous and insightful look at his experience with the program.

Read the article here

(PHOTOS by Vadim Shepel)

Read the article here

Gay in New York??







Gay in New York ??
…and looking to get toned while meeting other like-minded guys? 
Come join the gay boot camp at “boy beach” in the west village!  Burn about 800 calories on a Saturday morning with a bunch of sweaty guys on the Christopher Street Pier –

READ the article in Best of Gay New York HERE…



Magazine Editor finishes Gay Boot Camp

edge headerGay Boot Camp: The Final Push
by Steve Weinstein
EDGE Editor-In-Chief
Wednesday May 20, 2009

gay boot camp pullups

So, now it’s over. Last week was the final of the four weeks of the Gay Boot Camp Series.

Laura and Josh, the two trainers, were as friendly and un-drill instructor like as ever, but they did push us. Armed (footed) with the new pair of workout shoes that Laura promised me would enable me to run without injury, I managed to make most of the seemingly endless treks around the Greenwich Village pier.

In retrospect, what was the hardest single thing we did? That’s easy: Making myself a human wheelbarrow and moving across the lawn on my hands while a partner held my feet. Trust me, it’s even worse than it sounds. The military push-ups, where you lift a weight in each arm between push-up, is also pretty bad–even worse when you high-five a partner facing you… Read the rest of Steve Weinstein’s article here  

In case you missed his 1st week, or his 2nd

Editor-In-Chief of EDGE Completes Week 2


Health Fitness :: Health
Gay Boot Camp: Week Two Over!
by Steve Weinstein
EDGE Editor-In-Chief
Friday May 1, 2009

In an earlier post, I had written about signing up for a four-week program called Gay Boot Camp. Think “An Officer and a Gentleman,” only the drill instructor can’t insult you by calling you a nasty epithet for “gay,” because everyone is.

Week 2 at Gay Mens Boot Camp


The program starts at 6 a.m., which is an ungodly hour for someone who usually falls asleep between 2 and 3 a.m., and, as noted earlier, that is still the biggest obstacle. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays–the three days of the camp–I find myself dragging by about, oh, 8 a.m. And every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday night, I vow to be in bed by 10 p.m…. READ THE REST OF STEVE’S POST HERE…..




Read about Steve’s tumultuous first week at Gay boot camp…

Editor of Edge ENLISTS in Gay Boot Camp

edge header
GAY Boot Camp: Your Intrepid Editor Enlists
by Steve Weinstein
EDGE Editor-In-Chief
Sunday Apr 19,

pullupsWhen I got the email about Gay Boot Camp, I admit I was intrigued. Here was a program that guaranteed. As a veteran of gym-going since the mid-’80s, I confess to a bit of gym burnout.

It’s not that I go to the gym and just lift weights, or even lift weights and go on a cardio machine. I have what by any standard would be a varied workout. I have regularly taken spin, yoga, step, cardio, “urban rebouding” (trampoline), kick-boxing, and stretching classes. Among others.

But trudging to the gym gets tiring day after day–especially after 20 years! And, although I’m not as hopeless about my appearance as the average gay man, Read the rest of the article here…