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33 Ways to Drop 10 lbs

We’ve officially hit 90 degrees! I would say that the countdown to get your bod “SUMMER READY” is rapidly closing in! PRIDE is a few short days away and FIRE ISLAND is a callin!

As you know by now, at Gay Mens Boot Camp we are 100% against quick fixes and last-minute weight loss cram-sessions.

To fast track results for you guys, I thought I would cut through all of the crap out there and give you a compilation of our TOP 33 ways to lose 10 lbs, how to better conceptualize a healthy lifestyle, & how to stop believing it’s all about will power.

It takes eliminating outdated & antiquated beliefs about weight loss and incorporating a combination of positive habits and influences to get fit, drop the fat and keep it off.

So, please read #1-33 as :

that will, if slowly worked into your life, help you drop the 1st or the last 10 lbs!

1. Measurement = Motivation. Replace self-discipline with DATA. Seeing progress in change in #’s makes repetitive tasks of workouts, cooking meals etc fascinating! A few suggested measurements to take: Circumference, heart rate w/ daily tasks & exercise or even time to complete 20 pushups, for example. This creates a positive feedback loop that makes the ACT OF MEASURING more important than what you are actually measuring.

2. The more you have yo-yo dieted & have gone on short-term exercise binges, the less likely you will see the # on the scale change when you begin to exercise. But don’t be discouraged! It’s the all important body composition (not “weight”) that will actually change (ie decrease in fat, and increase in fat burning lean muscle.) It’s common to drop an entire pants size and not see the # on the scale budge! (see #13.)

3. START with realistic GOALS that have a deadline, are measurable, and specific! Short term goals should be tangible behavioral modifications like “I will pack lunch for work 4 out of 5 days this week”.

4. Modify ALL restaurant orders, even if it costs extra. (Consider it your flat belly tax.) Grilled, not fried. Substitute steamed veggies for french fries. Dressing and marinades on the side. Whole wheat version of everything bread, wrap, rice etc.) IT ALL ADDS UP!

5. FASTEST WAY to get your eating in check: SLOW DOWN.
Eating slowly makes you more conscious of what you are putting in and can cut consumption by more than 1/2. FACT: it takes 21 minutes for your body to recognize that you are full.

6. Cook for “+1” tonight & save time tomorrow. At dinner, make your usual veggie, lean protein, and whole grain carb meal…but make an extra serving. Pack the other in a tupperware and you’ve got your healthy lunch ready for tomorrow!

7. Stop shooting for PERFECTION. It will never happen. You will just drive yourself crazy and fail big time. Forget bullet points on the science of carbs and heart rate and exercise. Just do 1 thing tomorrow a little BETTER than you did today and mind what’s going in your mouth. Without trying too hard, you will inevitably improve on every level!

8. Doing ab exercises alone will NEVER get rid of extra belly fat. You must CONSISTENTLY combine cardio, metabolic strength training and a clean diet in order to lose the fat around the middle (and all fat for that matter.) Just focus on improving on 3 different exercises and as performance increases, FAT will decrease!

9. FAIL FORWARD. Don’t ever be afraid to make mistakes; consider it a way to gain valuable experience. Each attempt gets you one step closer to finding what will work for you and makes you 1 step ahead of that person who was afraid to act at all.

10. Avoid the “rookie trap” of giving up too soon before results set in. Recognize that you are on a lifestyle change, not instant gratification. Expect approx 1-2 Lbs/Week for long-term adherence. Focus daily energy on completing workouts/packing meals/sleeping 7 hours VS “how fast can I drop 20 lbs that took me a year to gain.” The later is a recipe for failure.

11. Always seek out easy cooking alternatives that can cut calories/fat/sugar by more than half. Ground Turkey vs Ground Beef, 0% Greek Yogurt vs Sour Cream, Apple Sauce vs Processed Sugar, Baked Sweet Potatoes vs French Fries. Small decreases ADD UP: save 500 cals/day x 1 week = 1 Lb of fat lost!

12. SCHEDULE a CHEAT MEAL 1x/week. (Always mind portions though.) This keeps you motivated to stick a clean eating plan, it CURBS CRAVINGS and is the best long-term strategy for a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE rather than short-term crash-diet.

13. STOP WEIGHING YOURSELF. The scale is THE WORST barometer of success or failure of your diet & exercise program. The scale CANNOT tell when you drop 5 lbs of unwanted fat and gain 5 lbs precious lean muscle. Use how your clothes fit or circumference measurements instead!

14. PLAN your meals for the day…IN ADVANCE. Magic word? PLAN. No last-minute guessing, NO emotional stress driven decisions. NO starvation induced binges. Make choices before the damage is done. Fastest way to correct behavior is to be conscious of actions in REAL TIME, not after.

15. Do cardio & strength at the same time. Go out for a run, 3 different times stop and do 30 seconds of each: Squat, Pushups, Step Ups, Dips. DOUBLE the workout, IN HALF THE TIME!

16. Know your weaknesses….and OWN ’em! Logic & will power will often fail you. Never end up making it to the gym after work? OK! Stop beating yourself up and come up with a conscious solution already! Schedule morning workouts with a trainer, a boot camp, or with a friend!

17. Create a VISION of where you want to be + Take MASSIVE Action = Live your dream.

18. Calorie burnage is cumulative. Being that it’s the “end of day totals” that count, always seek out ways to do a lil bit extra! E.g. Get off the train a stop earlier. 2) Use the b-room on another floor and take the steps 3) WALK 20 mins to a farther lunch spot OR walk 20 minutes after you finish.

19. Greatness is, by and large, a conscious decision.

20. Get 7 hours of sleep. Getting too few hours increases CARB CRAVINGS, increases risk for heart disease, screws with weight loss hormones, and makes you 4 TIMES more likely to be overweight! For max benefit, experts suggest hitting the hay earlier, rather than sleeping later.

21. Fall in love w/ your nakedness. Look in the mirror & focus FIRST on your favorite body part. Don’t pinch your least fav. Say out loud, “I love my _____.”

22. THINK about (and become) the person you want to be. Whatever life-situation you find yourself in is merely a reflection of what your subconscious mind repeatedly thinks about. Quit calling yourself the “chubby guy,” or “unmotivated” and start thinking about and believing that you can be whatever you want to become.

23. Set it and forget it! Forget the “big picture” day-to-day. Yes it is imperative to create a long-term goal, but then please tuck it away. Your daily energy is better spent on packing healthy lunches, controlling stress reactions, completing daily workouts, and sleeping 7 hours.

24. Paint-by-numbers SUCCESS: 1 Day at a time. 2 People to support you. 3 Goals/month. 4 Pieces of fruit/day. 5 Vegetables/day. 6 Meals/day. 7 Days of activity/week. 8 Glasses of water/day. 9 Different exercises/workout. 10 minutes of meditation/day.

25. SPICE IT UP to make healthy unprocessed food taste delish! Keep garlic, salt-free spices, onions, and tons of lemon handy. Once you detox from mainstream packaged/processed crap you will NEED those spices!

26. Don’t sweat the small stuff. When you are committed to a lifetime of healthy living, inevitably you will skip a few days or even a weeks worth of workouts. Who cares, so what?!

27. If it seems too good to be true… it probably is. NO ONE with a sick body has ever achieved it in a short amount of time or without healthy diet and exercise habits.

28. Fat can be contagious. You are more than 2x as likely to become overweight if your friends or partner is overweight. Search for comrades that support and enable healthy habits. Find a workout group or team of like-minded goal oriented men.

29. Eat Breakfast. The single most important thing you can do ALL DAY to kick-start your metabolism, foster better food choices, and prevent weight gain. Common thread between those with difficulty losing fat & obesity related illness: they don’t eat breakfast.

30. It’s easy to come up with 1000 ways to fail at being healthy. Alas, all you need to find is ONE way to be SUCCESSFUL.

31. Don’t try to lose 20 lbs, it’s too huge of mental hurdle. Start by replacing ONE, yes 1, bad habit with a positive correction each week. E.g. Week 1: add 2 veggies more per meal. Week 2: sleep 1 extra hour/ night. Week 3: Don’t eat out until the weekend. etc.

32. Excuses OR Results. You can’t have BOTH.

33. Start the week by scheduling in your workouts as the most important meeting of the day. “I don’t have time to workout” REALLY MEANS “I would like to procrastinate a little longer.” Get real. Get focused.


Your Fun, Fanatical, Fitness Expert,

Laura Miranda MSPT, CSCS


Cheat to Lose (weight)

SCHEDULE a CHEAT MEAL 1x/week. (Yep, eat ANYTHING you want but always mind portions.)

This strategy keeps you motivated to stick a clean eating plan, it CURBS CRAVINGS and is the best long term strategy for a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE rather than short term crash-diet DOOMED for failure.

Now go out there and rock this week! Think of me this weekend while enjoying your cheat meal!

Your FUN Fanatical Fitness Expert,
Laura Miranda MsPT, CSCS

Sleep, Sex and Abs

Think you already know the formula for getting in shape fast?

Eat clean, work out every day, and avoid the bad stuff, right?  Think again.  If you are having trouble keeping off the lbs or you just hit a plateau in your workout routine, then you will want to wake up and listen up.

Gay Men’s Boot Camp in NYC starts at 6am, sunrise. So the boys and I know a thing or 2 about the importance of getting our beauty sleep.  Next outdoor session starts Monday 5/2.

Lemme break it down – the most recent research has revealed something that will hurt more than the sound of your ear piercing alarm did this morning: adequate rest plays an important role in your ability to (or not to) shed extra pounds.  

Does sleep deprivation cause you to gain weight? WAKE UP! The answer is Yes!

Slug down 3 Ventis, stay late at work, pick up some fried & processed nibblybits on the way home, pass out with the crumbs on your chest/blackberry in hand/TV blaring. Wake up exhausted aaaaand repeat.  Sound familiar?

Most people are unaware of the implications that not getting enough sleep has on your health.

Besides helping you STORE fat around the middle, lack of sleep decreases testosterone and overall desire for sex. Chronic sleep loss makes you irritable and anxious, ages your skin faster, decreases concentration, and  increases stress levels. Simply put, when you are sleepy your threshold to deal with life is lowered making you more likely to become sick and tired of being sick and tired.

So how are your WEIGHT LOSS efforts Effected by lack of sleep?

a) When you are tired it can be all the more difficult to make healthy decisions. The gym takes a back seat and you tend to seek out comfort food or alcohol to fill the sleep-void.

b) Since the positive effects of exercise are actually processed DURING REST and not on the actual bench press or squat rack itself. Without adequate rest, a lot of your hard muscle building work is going to waste.

c) 2 important hormones are negatively effected. Ghrelin INCREASES (hormone that lets our body know when it’s feeling hungry.) Leptin DECREASES (hormone that tells the brain when it should stop eating.) This results in your body frequently craving high carb foods and not feeling full once you’ve scarffed down every highly processed  morsel in sight.  (IE – hell on earth.)

Here are Gay Boot camp’s HOT tips for a good night’s sleep (And sure fire way to a healthier lifestyle)

1. Don’t watch TV before tucking yourself in. Often people will tell me they “cant get to bed earlier than 12am” but when pressed, they admit that about 2 hours of that time is actually spent in front of mindless TV. Try reading a book or talking to your boyfriend. Wind down by quietly reviewing your day and invasion ways that you can improve yourself for tomorrow.

2. Exercise on a regular schedule. Leaving a workout until you can “find the time” will NEVER happen. Schedule your workouts like any other important meeting on your calendar.  Hook up with a friend for a run, join a group of fitness freaks ( or hire a trainer lock you into a routine.

3. Keep a pen and pad bedside to jot down racing thoughts. Difficulty sleeping because of a racing mind playing out past, present and future events can easily keep you up for hours. Getting stressful to-do’s or important items you need to remember out of your head and on to the paper will quickly quite down a noisy mind and allow you to relax.

4. Shut Down work and all electronic devices well before going to sleep. High anxiety levels and a racing mind before bed will continue for hours once your head hits the pillow. Stop all work activities & social networks at least 2 hours before going to sleep and replace that with reading, meditating or other soothing activities.

5. Prioritize your next day To-Do list before leaving work for the night. Being able to hit the ground running 1st thing in the morning with a solid plan of action will limit time spent lolly gagging around deciding on what to do next and will limit the amount of anxiety or stress about the day to come. START with the most difficult task 1st and leave the busy work – emails/phone calls/paper work to the end.

GAAAAAY Boot Camp in NYC: Get in, get fit, get HOT!

Healthy Gay Restaurants in NYC

Every guy knows how hard it is to stay on the right track when it seems every menu in this city is splattered with a million different “cheese covered and “deep fried” whatchamacallits. With choices like these, eating-out could become much more of a chore than the experience it was meant to be.

Luckily for you, GayMensBootCamp has put together a list of a few fabulous NYC restaurants that are fun, trendy and most importantly offer healthy choices on those nights when cooking isn’t an option.


1. Elmo 156 Seventh Avenue, New York City 10011

With a menu so varied, there’s something for everyone at this hot downtown spot. But this menu could also render all those pushups meaningless if you don’t choose wisely.

  • DO: The Steak Salad is a great idea for dinner at Elmo’s. The meal is filling (with all the right stuff) and equally delicious. Remember that any protein item that’s grilled is ALWAYS better than fried and with the rest of the dish filled with cherry tomatoes, field greens, apples and walnuts; you won’t be missing a thing.
  • DON’T: Forget to ask for your bleu cheese and vinaigrette on the side. Actually, you should put this DON’T into your everyday repertoire for eating-out so you can always stay in control of what goes into your mouth.

2. Cafeteria 119 Seventh Avenue, New York City 10011

  • DO: A favorite of mine here is the Grilled Turkey Burger as are most of their menu options. But there are some ways you could tailor foods to make them even more suitable to your healthy lifestyle. First, lose the bun! Secondly, stay away from calorie-heavy condiments like ketchup that are loaded with sugar.
  • DON’T: Sabotage yourself by building it yourself! While Cafeteria offers a lot of options on self-constructed meals, remember not to go overboard. Stay far, far away from any combination of three-cheeses and their very own menu add-on “heaping mess of ridiculousness.” I think that speaks for itself.


3. Agua Dulce 802 Ninth Avenue, New York City 10019

  • DO: An amazing option that gives you all flavor without those morning-after regrets is making small appetizer plates and salads into your entrée. Whether it’s their Steamed Mussels or Ensalada Verde, you’ll enjoy healthy proteins with a mix of non-traditional flavors like papaya, ginger and jalapeño.
  • DON’T: Fool yourself into thinking it’s healthy just because they call it a salad! Anything that’s topped with croutons, bleu cheese AND Thousand Island dressing is probably not your best bet.

So the next time you find yourself famished in the city, check out one of these spots and be sure to put your new found knowledge to work so you’ll have all the gain without any of the pain that comes with eating bad food!

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Cravings and the People Who Love Them


Whether you can’t make it through your favorite reality TV show at night, or life-size images of  a juicy burger seems to haunt you during the day, cravings just may be the thing that’s sabotaging your weight loss goals.

99% of my busy clients have come to me at one time or another with complaints about out-of-control cravings. Let me shed some light on some common causes and give you quick, ready-to-use tips to eliminate them today!

Common causes for cravings are:

1. Not eating enough of a certain food will cause your body to crave that exact item. I bet the last time you decided to eliminate carbs altogether form your day you were eating double or even triple the amount you normally would at your next meal.

*SOLUTION: If its carbs you crave, eat one piece of 100% whole wheat bread in the morning with your eggs, or with your tuna salad (try it with oil and vinegar-sans the mayo- and extra veggies–SO yummy!). You’ll feel satisfied and won’t have that urge to get a foot-long sub to pacify that carb craving later.

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2. Being unprepared with no healthy snacks between meals: Leaving too much time between meals causes your blood sugar dangerously low and vulnerable to the next tv commercial, office co-worker suggestion or walking past street a vendor and wanting to dive into the pan of honey roasted peanuts.

*SOLUTION: Prepare yourself for the next day! All it takes is a few extra minutes at night to throw an apple in a bag, put a handful of unsalted raw nuts into a tupperware, or divide up some carrots. My trick is to divide everything into serving-size proportions in separate zip-lock bags as soon as I buy it, so all I have to do is grab it out of the fridge before I go anywhere.

3. Filling a void: Often when stress, lack of sleep, and ‘trouble in paradise’ goes unchecked, we tend to try to fill that void with momentary comfort in the form of extra calories.

*SOLUTION: Channel that energy (or lack thereof) into something useful like a yoga class, or even a long walk to blow off steam. Seeing a therapist might help you to stop internalizing your isues.  Follow tip #2 by preparing snacks so you don’t sabotage your hot nude yoga class with a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

4. Childhood associations: As a child you were rewarded with finishing your meal with a delectable treat. You somehow carried this over into adulthood habitually end your day with a sweet reward.

*SOLUTION: Tame that sweet tooth with a big bowl of fresh fruit topped with greek yogurt. If you are really having trouble staying away from the sweets        1) DON’T BUY THEM 2) Brush your teeth right after dinner! A little mint on your breath will help curb the desire for sweets!

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