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Gay Boot Camp to RELAUNCH April 2013!

You’ve spent an ENTIRE winter INDOORS in the dark spin studios and crowded gym under florescent lights. #SPRINGtraining is here!

Come to the West Village for gay boot camp at “boy beach” starting 4/15/13  Torch about 800 calories with a bunch of sweaty guys on the Christopher Street Pier!

New York just got a little more fit- and a lot more fabulous! This workout craze has hit the city and this time its just for men – Gay men! Laura Miranda’s Gay Men’s Boot Camp is an outdoor HIIT program complete with a nutritional blueprint, total body fitness overhaul and mindset motivation lockdown.

Gay Men’s Boot Camp is ready to get you off…to the right start for this summer!!!  It’s a certified Homo Must!!!

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The GMBC Crew!


Results Don’t Come…

dont give up GMBC

Remember, my GMBC warriors…

RESULTS DON’T COME at the start with your gung-ho decision to “get in shape” for summer.

REAL CHANGE happens:

When you stick with it longer than you did last time
When you put in the work every day before sunrise…
When NO ONE is watching.


Be > Yesterday

Love Your Fitness Freak ‘O Nature,

Laura Miranda MSPT, CSCS
West Village, NYC