Write Stuff Down (goal action plan)

Want to make things actually happen in your life?

Tell 3 people a goal you have for this week, and 1 for this month. Tell them right now and ask them to ask you about it every day.

I just got back from a conference of fitness professionals in Providence Rhode Island. AMAZING to be around the greatest minds in the industry. Do you know what the most common thread all of these guys had in common?

They talked about writing down your goals and telling people about them.

This serves 2 main purposes.
1) All too often we let ourselves off the hook, or give ourselves too much of a break when it comes to staying committed with a healthy eating plan and consistent workout regimen.

The beautiful thing is that when you put your intentions out there for all the world to see, people WILL hold you responsible! If you know your weakness is “sticking to it”…then own it (don’t beat yourself up over it!) Put strategies in place that will MAKE YOU stick to “it”, no matter what!

E.g. A coworker (whom you already told your goals to) says- “Hey Jack, you’re probably going to get a quinoa salad for lunch today because you are on your serious health kick right? I am so jealous of you boy! Lets go to lunch, I want to be good like you.”

Wooooooo see how that works!

2) The 2nd purpose of telling 3 people about your goals is that you have proclaimed it OUT LOUD to the universe. Now, what was once a little dream in your brain, a distant desire you prayed for, a not-so-serious “something” you will eventually get to “someday”… has finally come to life!

There is SERIOUS power in proclaiming what you want in life to people around you. 99.999999% of everyone out there “wants to get in shape.” When you actually take the necessary steps to do it, watch how fast goals turn into RESULTS.

Try this. Now.
Your Fun, Finatical Fitness Expert,

Laura Miranda, MSPT, CSCS


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