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Protein. Who cares, So What?

(3 COMMON Protein Myths REVEALED)

If the thought of protein & exercise conjures up images of Rocky chugging raw eggs after a workout…think again, that’s ancient history.

I am here to show you why you need it, how much of it to have, and how easy it is to get it. PLUS I will SMASH 3 ridiculous and VERY COMMON misunderstandings about my friend, protein.

The 2 questions I get asked most often from boot campers —>

1)I want to build muscle, how much protein is enough for one day? 2)What are your thoughts on protein bars & shakes.

Great questions! It is recommended* that “recreational athletes” consume .5-.7 grams of protein per pound of body weight, endurance athletes .6-.7 and strength athletes .7-.8.

Applying this to the average “recreational athlete’s” situation,  he will need .7 (g/Lb) or so.  So if he weighs  190:

.7 x 190 = his body will require 133g of protein per day.

MYTH 1: Eating  protein correlates directly to building large bulky muscle.
– The stimulus of consistent HEAVY weight training for months at a time makes you BIG, not protein in and of itself! Mass comes with equal parts eating and exercise. We are talking months of a focused, periodized, and well thought out program in conjunction with unwavering effort and consistency. NO ONE said it was easy.  (GET YOUR OWN customized workouts delivered daily to your inbox with our Online Training Program!)

MYTH 2: Supplementing protein (shakes, powders, bars) provide additional benefits above and beyond real food.
-Bars & shakes can provide a quick dose of protein but often have too much sugar and processed carbs to be worth it. REAL FOOD can supply the same amount of protein PLUS the added benefits of key FAT METABLOIZING ingredients such as whole grains, fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. TIP: Use the fake stuff in a worst case/on-the-go scenario, but be aware of diet-killing ingredients contained within.

MYTH 3: Excess protein will CAN NOT make  you fat (that’s “fat” & “carbs” job.)
– Excess anything beyond what your body can use up will get stored as fat! More bad news is that high protein diets wreak havoc on your kidneys b/c of the amount of  water the body requires to process protein. Unfortunately the science does not support a muscle-building effect from “protein loading.”


Every cell in your body is made up of protein (heart, hair, biceps etc.) You must consume the right amount in order to recover, grow and improve.

LOOKEY HERE:  Your body doesn’t change WHILE you are working out. The magic happens AFTER exercise when proteins are summoned to repair your tissue from the beat down you just gave yourself. THEREFORE if you workout like a beast day in and day out, but you are not consuming enough protein….

…your body will eat away at your precious muscle tissue as a source of energy. Not good. All of your hard work will be for not! (Plus you will look loose and skinny, not hard and jacked. Yuck!)



Dairy products – egg (6g) cottage cheese, milk, yogurt.
Soy :
(non animal products) tofu (10g), edamame, soy milk, soy nuts
Land animals: chicken (30g), steak, pork
Fishies: tuna (40g),  shrimp, salmon, white fish, cod
Beans & Legumes: chic peas (15g), lima beans, green split peas
Nuts: peanuts (25g), almonds, cashew, brazil etc (and their “butters”)
Whole Grains: whole wheat bread (9g), brown rice, oats.

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(*Protein recommendations are taken from Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook, 3rd Addition.)


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Ab Workout for Garbage Men

(Why Ab Gadgets & Gizmos are taking over the streets of NYC)

I just finished a sick run & leg workout on the Brooklyn Bridge.  As I was cutting through a side street in Tribeca, NYC I happened upon a true example of  the state of RIDICULOUS  TV gimmicks and tom foolery:

Looks like the latest CONSUMER SCAM was left out where it belongs…with the trash! Boys, for the last and final time: doing ab exercises DO NOT, WILL NOT, NEVER HAS & NEVER WILL burn fat off of your stomach!

QUICK TIP: Save time and boost insane amounts of energy by engaging in full body exercise that blast away as many calories at 1 time as possible! Why “bend at the waist” 20 times and  barely break a sweat when you can crank up your heart rate, burn your legs/chest/butt/shoulders AND love handles all WITH ONE TOTAL BODY MOVE ??

If you haven’t yet gotten the memo, these days it’s about working out  smarter, not harder. If you are still training one body part at a time, PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO on how to string together Upper Body muscle ripping moves and Lower Body fat blasting moves!

Enjoy boys!