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Get: A Better Ass (video)

(My TOP 4 Exercises that prove you’re wasting time    by doing ONLY CARDIO)

Having ripped, sculpted arms that look hot  in a tank is one thing.   

Being HALF NAKED on a beach (or anywhere eles for that mattter)  is QUITE another.



SO, as a follow-up to my Ripped Summer-Arms video, here are my TOP SECRET exercises that will get your LEGS & BUTT  tight, sexy and SUMMER-READY:


  • Scissors 4 sets, 45 seconds each
  • Lunge Hops 4 sets, 45 seconds each
  • Jump Squats 4 sets, 45 seconds each
  • Step Ups 4 sets, 45 seconds each


Not seeing the results fast enough w/ your current routine?

Cardio alone will not get you there guys. Get your butt off of the elliptical machine and partake in these heart pounding moves that make the most use of your precious time and energy. 

BOOT CAMP STARTS MONDAY morning! Are you ready?

Leave your comments below for questions about details or specifics! I will answer you within 3 hours…


Laura Miranda MsPT, CSCS

How to Get: Ripped, Sexy Summer-Arms (Video)



Slip out of the sweater! Throw those thermals to the back of the closet!  Hell, go shirtless if you really want to…summer is here! 


If you’re like most of us, the long cold winter has been “all brunch” and no crunch. Let’s face it, sometimes there really is NO motivation to look cut, ripped and sexy when you’re covered in 3 layers and a winter jacket. 


Gay Men’s Boot Camp is here to say that YOU have the right to bare arms this summer. WATCH OUR HOT 4 EXERCISES HERE:  

  >>>>>>DISCLAIMER: There is no way to SPOT REDUCE FAT.  1000’s of repetitions of the above exercises WON’T magically turn you into our boy Becks. Scientifically, the body just doesn’t work that way. 


The ACTUAL ARM EXERCISES are just a small piece of the puzzle. In order to reveal your muscles’ true potential, YOU MUST FOLLOW RULES 1-3.   

1) Perform targeted strengthening exercises.
2) Heart-pounding cardio vascular activity varied 3 or more days a week. (READING a mag while doing the elliptical DOES NOT COUNT!)
3) Clean up your diet – add unprocessed and unpackaged foods; consume lean meats, whole grains and tons of fruits & veggies. MOST IMPORTANTLY –> control portion sizes. 


The upcoming session of gay boot camp starts SOON! Check the schedule

 Your Chief Body Transformation Expert,  

 Laura Miranda MsPT, CSCS